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The Labyrinth at Grateful Gardens

The labyrinth at Grateful Gardens is a gift to the community that it is surrounded by.  It is intended to help individuals explore their spiritual self, to travel the path into the center, meditate, find respite from a busy and stressful life and then travel out again refreshed and hopeful.

The physical design of the labyrinth is based on the labyrinth in Chartres cathedral in France. 

It is 60 feet in diameter and is made up of 7 circles.  It is a three quarter mile journey to the center and back out. 

It is designed to stimulate all the senses.  Feel and hear the crunch of the stone under your feet. Smell and taste the herbs planted in the labyrinth.  Hear the giant chime calling you to peace. See the beauty of creation as you walk the path.

At dusk, tiny solar fairy lights provide a spiritual and magical experience.

A Suggested Path

  • Stand in front of the entrance to the labyrinth.

  • Center yourself by taking a couple of deep breaths

  • Acknowledge your coming meditative or spiritual journey within the labyrinth.

  • Establish your intention for your journey. 

  • Begin your journey.

  • Continue to walk, hear, see, feel, taste. 

  • Rest on reaching the center.

  • Write your thoughts in the journal at the center, share your experience with others.

  • As you walk out, take the peace and energy you have found into your community.

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