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Garden Boxes are rented out; here is our waiting list.

Public Events - 990 Meridian Avenue, San Jose

July 23, Evensong 7pm - 8pm

@ Fire circle

Sign up to lead a week of Evensong

Your Attention Please!
South Bay Modular Synthesizer Open Mic Nite
Sponsored by Grateful Gardens
Is On Summer Vacation
(No July or August Performances)
Open Mic Nites Will Resume September 14

The first Peace Poles installed at the garden are a community art project conducted at our Juneteenth party.


Our mission is to provide a space for the community to gather and find ways to heal the earth through sustainable agriculture, experience and explore meditative practices, and develop tools for personal and community well being.

Our vision is to provide a green sustainable space for the community to restore their soul, build relationships, and explore their unique potential. A place where all are welcome, all are loved, and all are worthy.

Grateful Gardens, in association with the Fremont Peace Pavilion, is creating a sustainable urban farm with boxes for gardening, chickens, and bees for the community.

The purpose of the project is to promote peace through sustainable systems which includes creating healthy food availability, sustainable farming/gardening techniques, and workshops on both gardening and ways to create sustainable societal and economic systems.  It is our purpose to make our half acre in the middle of Willow Glen a center of advocacy for sustainable community.

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